2015 Update: Kid's Classes

Happy New Year!

Kids classes are back: Monday and Friday, from 6:15pm to 7:15pm... $50/month per child (ages 5 to 14) unless paying the family rate.

Learn Falls this Fall

Yeah... that's a corny title...

Classes are picking up pace and filling up fast. Congrats to those who were recently promoted: Two new yellows (Terry and Vanquez) and a 2nd brown (Bryan)... very proud of you all.

Also welcome to our new students and hope to see more of you in class this sutemi... i mean fall.

If you need access to the members section email me from the "Contact Us" page.



Classes are Tues/Thurs night at 7:30pm and Saturday morn at 9am! More details can be found here.

Well we just had an outstanding time at Ohana 2014 and look forward to rocking this summer with a lot of good stuff...

Quick update... pricing has changed (not for those already attending... you faithful get grandfathered in) so take a look at the class schedules for more info there...

Also, plan to see more guest instructors on our Saturday morning classes and also plan to spend a lot more time working standup and Ne Waza during those Saturday mornings.

Another update, the ranking structure is changing and will be updated in the white belt packet that members can download.

Finally if you need me to set up your account for the members section or just don't remember your user credentials, email me at jason@jaxdojo.com and I'll set you up.


Ancient-Tradition School

okazaki Henry Seishiro Okazaki is the original founder of Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu, which he called 'Danzan Ryu.' The Chinese name for Hawaii is T'an Shan (or in Japanese, Dan Zan) which translates as 'sandalwood mountain.' Hence the term Danzan-Ryu means Hawaiian Style. Okazaki's school was called the Kodenkan, which literally means Ancient (Ko) Tradition (Den) School (Kan), therefore it can be translated as 'The School of the Ancient Tradition.' The Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System is focused on honoring its founders by proliferating the teachings of Jiu-Jitsu and self-defense to those who are capable mentally and physically of handling such a responsibility, and we strive to make our dojo truly worthy of the KODENKAN name.

One should never use these arts against anyone without sufficient justification

~ Professor Okazaki